Cosmic Baby and Marc van Linden Collaborate for a Special 30th Anniversary Trance Classic 


In celebration of the 30th anniversary of one of the most beautiful trance classics from 1994, iconic artist Cosmic Baby has teamed up with Marc van Linden to create a fresh interpretation of "Loops Of Infinity." This collaboration pays homage to the timeless track, offering a renewed experience for both dedicated trance fans and piano enthusiasts.


Originally composed by Cosmic Baby, "Loops Of Infinity" swiftly became a classic in the trance genre, capturing the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. Now, three decades later, this legendary piece is reborn through the synergy of two prominent figures in the electronic music scene.


The collaboration between Cosmic Baby and Marc van Linden adds a modern twist to the beloved track while preserving the essence that made it an enduring masterpiece. The new interpretation seamlessly blends the distinctive styles of both artists, creating a sonic journey that resonates with the spirit of the original composition.


For trance aficionados and lovers of piano-driven melodies, this release promises to reignite the magic of "Loops Of Infinity" with a contemporary touch. The collaboration showcases the timeless quality of the original while embracing the evolution of sound over the past 30 years.





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