Marc van Linden meets Cosmic Baby - Loops of Infinity
Cosmic Future Records

Release: 22.03.2024 


Talla 2XLC x Marc van Linden x D-Gor - Indicode
VANDIT Records

Release: 01.03.2023


Marc van Linden - Unreal
Cosmic Future Records

Release: 19.01.2024



Marc van Linden & D-Gor - Her Melodie
Cosmic Future Records

Release: 08.12.2023


Marc van Linden & Abstract Vision - Euphoria
VANDIT Records

Release: 22.09.2023



Beautiful Life” The new single, produced in collaboration
with Paul van Dyk and Sue McLaren is available June 9 on VANDIT Records. Pre-safe now



Paul van Dyk, Marc van Linden & Sue Mclaren
Beautiful Life (SHINE ibizy Anthem 2023)
VANDIT Records

Release: 09.06.2023


Paul van Dyk kicks off the Ibiza season at SHINE with the club’s official anthem song, “Beautiful Life.” The new single, produced in collaboration with Marc van Linden and Sue McLaren is available June 9 on VANDIT Records.

Whether you're a devoted trance fan or simply love to explore the limits of creativity, "Beautiful Life" is an ethereal and uplifting track that perfectly showcases the creative genius of its collaborators. Paul van Dyk and Marc van Linden's signature styles are evident in the soaring synths and captivating melodies, while Sue McLaren's vocals add emotional depth and warmth.

“Times can be tough, for us personally and looking at what is happening in the world around us. But life is wonderful. We must allow ourselves to live it, be grateful for it, embrace love, friends and family and enjoy those beautiful moments in life with them,” Paul van Dyk says regarding the song’s theme.

Historically, Paul van Dyk is a DJ who holds the longest-running residency in Ibiza. Throughout the years, he’s held residencies at Amnesia, Pacha, and other clubs before he took over Eden with SHINE where he consistently showcases his legendary style to his loyal fans. His collaboration with Sue McLaren on the song "Guiding Light" has garnered over 300 million streams on YouTube while Hannover-based DJ/producer Marc van Linden’s recent solo singles “Timeless“, “Orbit“, “Dreamworld“ (on van Dyk ́s label VANDIT Records), “BeautifulTogether“ (on GO Music/Black Hole Recordings) & “Mayla“ (on Aly & Fila ́s label Future Sound Of Egypt), are all genuine club smashers.

Described by the likes of Vicious Magazine and Ibiza Spotlight as a “dancefloor colossus" and "magic", as the party returns to Eden it only feels fitting that this will be a union of togetherness, collective jubilation and a triumphant testament to the communal delight that dance music can bring. An Ibizan institution, Eden provides the perfect setting for such a party as a match made in heaven. Paul van Dyk ensures that the SHINE synergy and fan experience go hand-in-hand for a night to remember. Boasting one of the best sound systems, its pushes the boundaries of the live experience like no other.

“Beautiful Life” is available June 9th on VANDIT Records




Marc van Linden & D-Gor meets Frank Dueffel - Haze
VANDIT Records

Release: 20.07.2023



Marc van Linden & D-Gor - 1994
VANDIT Records

Release: 24.02.2023


Marc van Linden, Symmetic & Nedrok - Panorama
Sirup Records

Release: 12.05.2023



Marc van Linden & D-Gor - Pentode
VANDIT Records

Release: 06.04.2023



Marc van Linden & D-Gor - Future
incl. Fur Coat Remix
Systematic Recordings

Release: 23.12.2022


Marc van Linden & D-Gor - Mayla
Future Sound Of Egypt

Release: 12.12.2022


Marc van Linden & D-Gor - Unexpected
Trance Empire Rec.

Release: 25.11.2022


Marc van Linden & D-Gor - Emozione
VANDIT Records

Release: 02.09.2022


Marc van Linden & D-Gor - Future
Trance Empire Rec.

Release: 15.07.2022



Marc van Linden & D-Gor - Timeless
VANDIT Records

Release: 20.05.2022


Marc van Linden & D-Gor - Orbit
VANDIT Records

Release: 08.04.2022


Marc van Linden & D-Gor - Lost In Space
Trance Empire Rec.

Release: 11.03.2022


Marc van Linden & D-Gor - Dreamworld
VANDIT Records

Release: 05.11.2021